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IRS collections efforts typically involve the IRS forcing the taxpayer to turn over records; issuing IRS liens; and/or seizing, garnishing or levying on paychecks and bank accounts, vehicles and other personal or business property, and real estate. There are a number of collection remedies to halt these IRS collection efforts.

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Our Tax Attorney helps reduce the time, confusion, and stress associated with IRS tax matters. Clients hire us to worry about their tax matters and to resolve these issues in the least intrusive and most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Freedom of Information
An experienced tax attorney can help

Obtaining information that is in the possession of the IRS and state taxing authorities is often necessary to resolving IRS and state tax troubles. The Freedom of Information Act provides taxpayers with an avenue for obtaining specific records held by the IRS.

Tax Preparer or CPA Errors
a costly mistake or negligence

Tax preparer or CPA negligence and malpractice can cause taxpayers to incur civil and even criminal liability. You often find that you do not qualify for relief. Don't get barred from pursuing a civil action against you as a result of waiting too long to bring suit.

State & Local Taxes
often complex and difficult to resolve

Taxpayers often fail to plan for these types of multi-jurisdiction tax obligations. Don't find yourself at the mercy of state and local tax authorities at a time when the state or local tax authority is aggressively looking for additional tax revenues.

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